This is Tomato Travel

Tomato Travel is a sector of a business called “Tomato” established in 2016. Wayne, Derek and John had a vision for their company to provide clients with personalised tours, group tours and other travel products to make their dreams come true and allow them to have fond memories from their overseas or domestic travel. Their tailor made itineraries and tours feature added bonuses to not only the client but also their connecting agents and suppliers. Tomato Travel is all about a vision to provide people affordable and the best services they can get in order to enjoy their wonderful holidays.

Our core values

To provide travellers with unforgettable experiences and fond memories from their tailor made holidays

To be open minded with everything we do and take on board our client’s feedback

To always take care of our customers by providing support from the start to the end of their holidays

To always bring new ideas to the table and push for change within the travel industry

To maintain good relationships with our major connected suppliers and agents

To aim for the top of the market by sourcing all amazing travel components catering to the client’s needs

What do we provide

Tomato Travel provide tours throughout Asia especially Japan, China, Taiwan and South Korea. We allow our clients to go on FIT tours, self-guided tours and group tours by providing all services clients need to enjoy their holiday. We provide flight tickets, hotels, stop overs, extensions, early arrivals, late departures and so on. We cater to the needs of the client in order for them to enjoy their stay in their destination countries. We, Tomato Travel are different to other major suppliers as we provide tours that are high quality at attractive prices.

Mount Fuji, Japan Mount Fuji, Japan
The Great Wall, China The Great Wall, China
Taipei Taipei

Our aims

To provide tours to clients that cut back costs and pass on the savings

Maintain and increase our client base

Maintain our customer service by providing 24/7 support through email, live chat and phone

To come up with new ideas for our packages and tours based on client feedback

To maintain personal relationships with our clients and make sure they are happy with their customized holidays

Maintain our professional and friendly approach towards clients