Why you should consider a holiday experience with Tomato Travel:

We are THE Number 1 expert on all things Japan travel.  

Our focus is on you having a Healthy, Innovative and Excellent experience with us

We have our own dedicated team of experts on the ground all over Japan who know the destinations better than anyone else.

We can give you a tailor-made experiences of Japan based on what you're looking for, who you're travelling with etc.

We give you extras and bonuses along the way at no extra cost

Inside Information - we give you advice above and beyond any other travel company on things like where to eat, which streets to go to, which landmarks you should see and other historical and cultural pieces of information that will make it a memorable experience for you. 

We focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly tours

Our customers are what make us great, we want to include you into the Tomato Travel family and share your experiences with the world! 




We define healthy travel as follows:

  1. Good Value for Money
  2. Quality time - Comprehensive Authentic Experiences; Travelling with Experts
  3. Inspirational & Educational - Tomato encourage people to travel, to learn about the world, have a worldly view and become more rounded people
  4. Responsibility to society and the environment



We are big on using latest technologies to allow our customers an easy process for their holiday plans and travel experiences. We can streamline the booking process and eliminate errors better than ever before. As a result, these innovations give us the ability to create savings that we can pass on to our customers.

Excellent service is what we strive for every day. For our current and future customers. We want people to know that we are passionate, energetic Japan travel experts who can provide you with the most unique and exciting holiday experiences.

Our customers, suppliers and our own staff are all our number one priority when it comes to travel, building our brand and business.


We are here to bring healthy travel to our customers through our innovative cutting edge technology and excellence in service from beginning to the end of the travel process.