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Ski the slopes of some of Japan's best ski resorts and mountains! Experience the powder snow, skiing or snowboarding and many other snow activities!

Ski the steep slopes of Japan

Why not try skiing in Japan? The world's renowned destination for their soft powder snow and amazing skiing and snowboarding conditions! High quality snow for your next ski holiday! Why not try skiing or snowboarding, snow activities, an onsen and hot steamy Japanese food?!


Famous or Traditional Ski Resorts for you

Try skiing in the famous Naeba, located in Niigata or head towards Nagano to Hakuba for a wonderful all round ski experience. Take the shinkansen bullet train to one of Japan's traditional ski resorts, Yuzawa. Head up to the North of Honshu to the Tohoku area for unique backcountry skiing and glade skiing experience.  Meet some 'snow monsters' along the way. Cuddle up at night in your hotel or ski resort next to the fire and enjoy a Japanese style meal. Families can enjoy the time in snow at Tomamu ski resort and many activities to entertain the kids.