China is one of the largest countries in the world with over 1.415 billion people stretched over a large land mass. For many centuries, China has been one of the most advanced civilizations accomplishing major scientific and artistic treasures. Beijing, the capital of China mixes modern architecture with historic sites such as the Forbidden City palace complex and Tiananmen Square. China is a country full of pride, a long outstanding history and site seeing spots that are unique and mystical. As you visualize China you see the Great Wall of China, the neon lit buildings of Beijing and Shanghai, the Terracotta Warriors and Horses from the warring states period, the Buddhist temples and the Palaces covered in colourful patterns. As well as the winding Yangtze River, the famous Peking Roast Duck, dumplings and the traditional mask puppet shows. China is a big country that has a lot to offer to you as a traveller! We hope you take a great leap forward to join our wonderful China tours!