Our Team

We are the Tomato Travel Team and we are here to provide you all you need for Japan! We are Healthy. Innovative and Excellent and we are here to advise you and help you prepare for your next trip to Japan!


Managing Director

Our Managing Director, Derek has been working in the travel industry for more than eight years. Derek is passionate and working hard to overcome new challenges and to be successful in the market with partners, agents, suppliers and customers. Derek has been to Japan many times and his love of Japan is shown through his knowledge and expertise when he creates our products and tours. Alongside all members Derek is working hard to assist with growing the business and promoting Japan. Beyond the office, Derek’s interests include travelling, surfing, hiking and outdoor activities and spending time with his family.

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Head of Operations

Tour Operations Manager, Penny has been working within the Travel industry for over 4 years and been with the Tomato Travel Team for 1 year. Penny has always worked as a Team Leader for our Operations team liaising with suppliers from airlines, hotels, tour buses, day tours etc. Penny particularly loves selling places to our customers especially if she has been there and can share her own experiences with them so they can have their dream holiday in Japan. Penny has been to Japan many times and is always surprised by the diverse landscapes and culture. Her favourite places to visit in Japan are Hiroshima, Kyoto, Takayama and Shirakawago.

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Head of Sales and Customer Service

Head of Sales and Customer Service, Katrina has been working in the travel industry for 4 years and been with the Tomato Travel Team for around 1 year and really enjoys travelling, immersing herself in other cultures, experiences the history, food and people. Katrina has been to Japan a few times and is very passionate about providing friendly, prompt and helpful wholesale support as well as customer service and tour operations. Katrina loves working closely with our team to offer a wide variety of innovative and excellent products. Beyond the office, Katrina interests include looking after her toy poodle, exploring Japan including her next trip to walk along the great snow walls in summertime and walking around her local area. Get in contact with Katrina for any advice or travel tips to see some of Japan’s hidden beautiful places for your next vacation.

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Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager, Leo has been working in design for 3 years and marketing for 1 year and been with the Tomato Travel Team for 5 months. Leo really enjoys travelling, designing, marketing and using technology to create new and interesting ideas. Leo’s experience in design and marketing is a great asset to our team with his amazing skills visually allow our customers to feel as if they are present in Japan and recapturing their travel memories. Leo is passionate about learning new things, providing excellent and innovative ideas and driving the marketing team to great success. Beyond the office, Leo loves to spend his free time travelling, cycling, playing soccer and exploring the nature around Sydney.

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Content Coordinator

Our Content Coordinator, Amy has been working in the Tomato Travel Team for 1 year and has experienced living in Japan herself. She has a background of Japanese language, she knows a lot about the country and of course the best places to travel. Amy is passionate, hardworking and always willing to take on new challenges within the marketing area, content management and website development. Amy loves working alongside the marketing team to provide innovative and excellent feedback, products and services to our customers. Alongside other partners Amy is working hard to assist with growing the business and promoting Japan. Beyond the office, Amy's interests include travelling, shopping, exploring Sydney, going to the gym and outdoor activities– such as wakeboarding and skiing.

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Tour Coordinator

Our Tour Coordinator, Tomoyo has been working in the travel industry for 2 years and has more than 4 years of experience as a customer service consultant. She recently joined the Tomato Travel team. Tomoyo grew up in the southern part of Japan and moved to Sydney in 2013. Tomoyo loves travelling both around Japan and Australia and is passionate about providing the best service to cater to all of our customer’s needs. While she was living in Japan, she loved going to the hot springs, hiking and climbing mountains with her family and cooking Japanese food. Get in touch with Tomoyo for any advice and find out the beautiful places to visit for your next trip.

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Reservations Specialist

Our Reservations Specialist, Rebecca has worked in retail and customer service for 4 years and has recently joined the Tomato Travel Team. Rebecca has a background of Japanese language, she loves Asian cultures and is fascinated by Japan a country with a blend of old and new traditions and culture. Rebecca especially has an attachment to Kyoto and her favourite travel spot is Kyoto’s Philosophers Path. Rebecca is passionate and loves working alongside the reservations team to provide excellent and friendly customer service, information and advice as well as offering amazing experiences to our customers to reach their travel dreams. Beyond the office, Rebecca enjoys recreational bike rides and hunting for milk tea as well as watching Asian dramas.


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