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Your E-ticket is your international airline ticket that we book and issue for you through our system. With your E-ticket you can check in with your airline and receive your boarding pass. Make sure you either print it out or have it handy on your phone when you are ready to do your checking in.

Preliminary itinerary

This is the itinerary we send to you before we send you the finalised itinerary. In this itinerary you will not be able to view which hotels you are staying yet but you can see which places you are going and the outline of the tour. After you have viewed this itinerary you can also add any optional tours or activities that you would like to join. If you require this information you can find it in your My Booking form or you can email us and we will send it to you. Remember that this is not the final itinerary.

Final itinerary

The Final itinerary we will send to you 2-3 weeks prior to your departure as well as your E-ticket. The final itinerary includes your tour outline, your hotels, emergency contact details and contact numbers for your tour guide and tour operator in Japan. We recommend you to print it out and take it with you at all times so that you know what is going on and if you need to contact during an emergency or an issue occurs you can. If there are any changes to your final itinerary we will inform you as soon as possible by email or phone call.

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Passports are essential for travel anywhere in the world. If you want to take a tour with us please make sure your passport is up to date and has not expired. If your passport has expired please renew your passport and include your full details.

When renewing your passport for Australia please head over to where you can start your application.
  • Go to the Apply or Renew section:
  • Create an account (Email address and Password)
  • Registering your account
  • Create an account and add in your details
  • Follow on with the process
  • Book an appointment with Australia Post to update your passport photo and issue your passport
  • Wait about one month until your renewed passport arrives

Please check the expiry date on your passport.

If you have any other issues with your passport or other issues surrounding travel please go to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website here: , you can also ring their Helpline on 131 232.

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Travel Documents

Remember to have the following travel documents with you when you travel:

  • International airline tickets. If you have an E-ticket, you need to bring an E-ticket copy sent to you from the airline.
  • Finalised Tour itinerary with detailed Hotel information and Emergency Contact information for our local offices.
  • Passport with a visa issued on it if a visa is required for the country you going to visit. You may need more than one visa if you are travelling to more than one country. Passports should have at least six months of validity when travelling internationally. Most countries will not permit a traveller to enter their country unless the passport is set to expire at least six months after the final day of travel.