Tour Guide Team

Our Tomato Travel tour guides are here for you to guide you through the most stunning ancient and traditional cities as well as the more modern and urban cities on your tour itinerary. They have a lot of knowledge about each area and can explain to you well in English. Explore Japan with our Tomato Travel guides and have the tour of a lifetime! 



Connie, is one of our Tomato Travel guides has been guiding guests around Japan for 10 years. She has met many people from Australia, the UK, Europe, US, Asia and some Arabic countries. She likes being a local guide as she can teach our guests about Japan’s history, culture, life, rituals and anecdotes you cannot find in a guide book. Her strength is the way of tea and spiritual martial arts she has practiced for more than 5 years. She really enjoys Latin dancing as well. She hopes to see you sometime in Japan!



Sam is our Tomato Travel tour guide who is informative, courteous, enthusiastic, good humoured, patient, considerate of her travellers and always willing to go beyond her general responsibilities to ensure everyone is fully involved, informed and participating. Altogether, Sam allows all of our customers to have a wonderful and enjoyable tour. Sam is a great assest to the Tomato Travel Team and we hope our future customers enjoy their tours with her too!



Yumi is one of our Tomato Travel guides and has been guiding our customers for their Japan Discovery tours with Hiroshima. Yumi has much knowledge about each city and goes above and beyond for our customers to have a fantastic time. Yumi speaks English quite well and can explain thoroughly each destination and area on the tour itinerary. We hope you enjoy your tour with Yumi in Japan!